Principal’s Corner – September 9

KAPPA III Principals Corner

I am elated to have the opportunity to serve as the Interim Acting Principal at KAPPA III.  I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference all of our children and provide them with a structured, positive and rigorous learning environment that will enable each student to reach and maximize his or her learning potential.  It is our goal at KAPPA III to ensure that all graduates are college and career ready.

As principal, I look forward to working with our amazing staff to continue the outstanding education that KAPPA III has always provided.  I believe that a successful education is the product of the teamwork of parents, students, and staff.  Together we will encourage all students to set high goals for themselves both academically and socially.

The Principal’s Corner will be updated every Monday.  It will serve as one of our forms of constant communication with you.  Please note that this chronicle will advise you of special events such as Saturday Academy, Parent/Professor workshops and other events that require your participation.

We have given every student a schedule for you to maintain at home.  The schedule identifies the time, class and room your child is in.  Please be aware that some schedules/classes are subject to change.

Phone relay messages are also used at KAPPA III as a form of information to keep an open dialog with you.  Unfortunately, not all messages are heard clearly, if you have any questions feel free to contact the school directly.

The school will open for breakfast at 7:30am.  All classes begin at 8:10 and any student that arrives after that time will be considered late and will be marked as such on the child’s report card.

I am confident that this will be an outstanding school year and look forward to working with the staff and community to continue the KAPPA III tradition of academic excellence.  Again, it is my privilege and my pleasure to serve as principal at KAPPA III.  I am looking forward, with great enthusiasm, to a great year.  I thank you for your support.




Ms. Jean Colon, Principal, I.A.