Welcome to the second week of school.  As you take a look at the second part of this newsletter, you will find the focus of study for each course work.  The information will be sent home weekly to help keep you informed of projects, exams and assignments.  The professors will also include outings to support classroom learning.  The purpose of our newsletter (Chronicle) is to keep you informed on a weekly basis about instruction and events that are taking place at KAPPA III.  The Chronicle will be distributed to your child every Monday.  If you do not receive one, please ask you child for the newsletter.  In addition, we can e-mail the Chronicle to you every week.  If you prefer this method for receiving our weekly newsletter, please see Ms. Ovalles and give her your e-mail to ensure you begin receiving the Chronicle, electronically.

We have a few new faces that have joined as KAPPA III professors.  Prof. Bridgeman is a sixth/seventh grade math professor, Prof. Pipitone is our seventh grade E.L.A. professor, Prof. Hall will be our seventh grade math professor, Prof. Ditzel is our seventh grade science professor, Prof. Woweries is our eighth grade E.L.A. professor, Prof. Dodge is our ESL teacher, and Prof. Lamberty is our Foreign Language (Spanish) professor.  I am able to state, that we are very fortunate that these educators have agreed to join our family.  They bring a combination of passion and varied experiences that will benefit the scholars of KAPPA III.

Our Meet and Greet is scheduled for this evening and it has been designed as a traditional event so that parents have the opportunity to become acquainted with their child’s professor.  At this session, you will be able to hear the expectations placed upon your children and how it will be reflected in the course syllabus.

Safety of your child is also my primary concern.  We have established regulations as set forth by the city to ensure the best possible barc.  I begin by stating that no one other than the adults identified on the emergency card will be allowed to take your child home early.  A phone call will not be accepted unless followed by a fax to the general office with your approval and signature.  In case an emergency occurs in the building, we have a Building Response Team that is set up to handle school or student-related emergency incidents and conditions.  We are conducting the following drills in preparation of an emergency:  Fire Drill, Shelter In, Soft-Lock Down and Hard-Lock Down will be practiced and implemented with the children.  I will also communicate practice drills and any actual emergencies via our automated phone service and by sending you an emergency alert email.  For those of you who have not provided us with your email, I strongly suggest you do so as it seems to be the quickest form of communication.  Please make sure we have a blue card on file for all children.  If you did not submit one this year, I ask that you request a blue card from the office and complete it right away.

Next Tuesday is Dads Bring Your Kids to School.  The event will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 22 from 8:10 – 10:00a.m.  We are asking all fathers, step-fathers, and other significant caregivers to escort their children into school for breakfast, guest speaker and activities.  This event is designed to promote father involvement as part of the citywide initiative to engage families.

Our first trip to Camp Beckett is on Monday and Tuesday, (Sept 21 & 22) for the 8th graders; the following professors will attend Prof. Burgos, Prof. Staudt, Prof. Melendez, Ms. Matthews, Ms. Rhea and Eddie.  I thank you for your continued support.



Ms. Jean Colon, Principal, I.A.