KAPPA III Principal’s Corner – September 19

Last week we had our Meet and Greet session.  This year we have a large number of siblings, it was wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting the parents that have joined our family.  I hope that all of you were given the opportunity to meet every professor that is working with your child.  If you would like more time to have a discussion with our Professor’s, please contact Ms. Ovalles, Parent Coordinator, to schedule a one to one conference with your child’s professors.  At KAPPA III, we operate an “Open Door” policy to parents.  This is to encourage open communication, feedback and discussion.  We value parent’s input.  I encourage all families to continue working in collaboration with your child’s professors throughout the academic year.
Grandparents Luncheon was a success.  Students wrote poems and shared the abundance of kindness and unconditional love their grandparents provide on an on-going basis.  It was evident and wonderful to see the pivotal role grandparents play in our student’s life.
In an effort to increase father involvement, we are collaborating with I.S. 129 and C.S. 300 for Dad Take Your Child To School Day.  Fathers are a positive force in the lives of their child.  Dads take your child to school day will take place tomorrow Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 8:10am.  This event promotes father involvement by encouraging fathers to take their child to school.  We are serving breakfast for all dads and their children.  After breakfast, we have guest speakers that will address the dads and then we will have them participate in some outdoor events.
We will hold our first Town Hall Meeting for all Eighth grade parents on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 at 10am.  The high school process can be overwhelming for families.  Attending our workshops will help ease many concerns and provide guidance on the best way to make school selections.
Finally, I would like to remind all families that this is a school for which academics and the arts are our priority.  Our decision to be a uniform school follows and fulfills our school initiatives and goals.  All students are to be in full uniform as you have agreed.
Ms. Jean Colon, Principal