Dads Take Your Child To School Day

On September 22, 2015, KAPPA III & MS 129 participated in the NYC Dads Take Your Child to School (DTYCTS) Day.  This city wide event encourages the positive involvement of fathers and father figures in the lives of NYC students.  Fathers at schools and early care and education centers citywide brought their childen to school and participated in fatherhood empowerment activities.  This is the eighth year of the DYTCTS Day campaign in New York State and it has grown from one participating school in 2006 to over 500 schools, Head Start programs, and community partners this year, according to NYC.Gov.

At KAPPA III, we understand the importance of male role models in the lives of our scholars. We highly encourage participation in our activities, field trips and events.  As stated on Fatherhood.com, “father-child contact was associated with better socio-emotional and academic functioning…children with more involved fathers experienced fewer behavioral problems and scored higher on reading achievement.” (Howard, K.S., Burke Lefever, J.E., Borkowski, J.G., & Whitman, T.L.(2006) Fathers’ influence in the lives of children with adolescent mothers.  Journal of Family, 20, 468-476.)

Our theme for the event was “Speaking Dreams Into Existence.”  We were privileged to have participation from our State Senator, The Bronx Borough President, and the District 12 Superintendent.  The video, “Speak Your Dreams” by Billionaire PA preceded vision statements from scholars, Saul Gomez and Jose Bautista. The event concluded with a breakfast served by KAPPA III and MS 129 staff accompanied with music by the MS129 school jazz band.